Toy Pattern: Camel

Dedicated to the art of woodworking since 1984.

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This item is just a cutout that Children paint as desired.


  • Band Saw or Scroll saw
  • Sanders – Belt. rotary and band
  • Drill Press with 1/8″ drill bit
  • Sand paper or emery boards


1/8″ to ¼” plywood


  1. Make pattern from print of Camel by gluing to a piece of cardboard. Cut pattern to shape. Draw shape on wood surface and locate drill center.
  2. To make multiples, tape 4 to 6 layers of 1/8″ to ¼” plywood together and attach pattern on top.
  3. Drill 1/8″ hole for hanging and for the camel’s eye and cut pattern and wood to shape using saw. Note: cutting four to six pieces at a time makes for smoother edges and speeds up production.
  4. On next set of parts draw around pattern on wood surface and mark hole centers.
  5. Sand to ease rough or sharp edges.
  6. Sand front and back surfaces with a belt sander to smooth to remove roughness.
  7. Rub your hands over the entire vehicle to make sure there are not sharp edges or points. Remove with sandpaper if any are found.

Download pattern here.

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