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St. Louis Children’s Hospital says “Thank you!”

We’d keep doing it with or without the formal recognition, but it always feels nice to have hard work recognized and gratitude given. Today, the Guild received a beautiful “Thank you” letter from the St. Louis Children’s Hospital. It reads On behalf of the children, families and the staff at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, thank…
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August 2019 Newsletter

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Box Criteria and Sizes for the Toy Program

The Toy Committee has posted lots of drawings of toys for the Guild to use in support of the toy program but has not provided similar information for the boxes that we have been furnishing to the Adoption agency. As a first step in addressing this, the Toy Committee is offering the following suggestions for…
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Surplus SLWG Tools Auction

The guild has a surplus of tools at the Faust Park shop! These tools will be auctioned off to guild members in a private, silent auction-style event. Look for new posts to this blog and listen for announcements at the monthly meetings when new tools will be listed for sale. Detailed instructions will be provided…
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St. Louis Torchbearers 2 Requesting Picnic Tables

The St. Louis Torchbearers 2 have requested that our guild purchase materials for and assemble a handful of picnic tables (up to 8). These tables will be used by children in the community at a local St. Louis City park during summer activities They selected a beautiful and sturdy design which can be quickly and…
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Phil Haskins Passing

Guild members, I am saddened to report that Phil Haskins passed away last night, July 29, 2019, after a tough fight with cancer. Phil was a long time member of the Guild and was a professional woodworker as well as a member of the clergy. His open and friendly personality made him a great friend…
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July 2019 Newsletter

July 2019 Newsletter

Project Plan: Fire Truck Toy Box

This project is made from a set of copyrighted plans available from Meisel Hardware Specialities. Contact Meisel for plans and available hardware. Contact Information Phone 1-800-441-9870 Website:

Our Toys Affect Lives in Many Ways

Debbie, from Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition, recently shared these beautiful words with our guild: Hi Bill – our kids are loving the boxes for sure! Here’s what one of my colleagues said: “A young lady named Olivia (18 years old) is using one of the medium sized wooden boxes now. She said it’s been…
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Toy Pattern: Witch-Halloween001

Tools Scroll saw or Coping Saw Electric Drill with 21/64″ bit Sand paper Scissors or utility knife Straight edge Material 3/4″ solid wood or plywood 5/16″ dowel Brown paper Glue Instructions Make pattern from print of Witch by gluing to a piece of cardboard. Cut pattern to shape. Draw shape on wood surface. Saw Witch…
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