Members’ Websites

Dedicated to the art of woodworking since 1984.

Don Snyder

Don has created a vast assortment of items out of wood. Many of his works feature inlay or mixed media. He has more recently taken an interest in sundials. Visit Don’s website to view photos of his woodworking and sundials.

Ethan Sincox

As former editor of, and contributor to, our monthly newsletter, Ethan has a gift with words. Checkout his blog thekiltedwoodworker to delve deeper into “One man’s journey into the freeing of his creative mind… while wearing a kilt.”

Scott Wunder

Scott is another past president of the guild. As the owner of WunderWoods, Scott builds wine cellars, built-ins and furniture from local woods. Scott’s buiness is vertically integrated in that he turns logs into lumber which is then transformed into finished product. Learn more about WunderWoods and read some of Scott’s blog posts.