Ranken Jordan

Dedicated to the art of woodworking since 1984.

Ranken Jordan is a pediatric bridge hospital that helps kids from birth to 21 who are well enough to leave a traditional hospital but still need help before they go home. Over the years the Woodworkers Guild has built many items that are used specifically in activities and skill building activities.

Rankin Jordan Video

Tricia Sievers writes in

The staff and patients LOVED the fish you all made and are wondering if we could get more? (Photo above) You all are amazing!  Thank you so very much for all your support!Could we possibly get 25 of these….no rush!
Thanks, for all that you do for Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital!Thank you!Tricia Sievers

Special Project – Potting Benches

SPECIAL PROJECT These  potting benches were made for and donated to Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital by Guild Member Jim Arnold.  He has made three of them so far, with a fourth one in production.  

The benches are designed to be used for potting a variety of plants and will accommodate children either standing or in wheelchairs.  Because they are on casters, they can be rolled outside in the summertime and then be stored or used inside during the winter.What a great project!
Thank you, Jim!

Special Project – Chalk Board Blocks and Large Blocks

SPECIAL PROJECTS These Chalk Board Blocks were made by Bill Tarter in response to a  request from Ranken Jorden that we donate to.  They will be used to write letters or numbers on temporarily for placement with photographed items.

These blocks were made by John Bronson in response to another request from one of our organizations. 

Special Project – Finger Joint Ladder

SPECIAL PROJECTS Steve Mettes made this “finger joint ladder” in response to a request from Ranken Jordan. It is used in physical therapy for shoulders and fingers.

A Ranken Jordan Toys

Fishing – A fishing pole and fish help develop hand eye coordination
Ice Cream Bars – Putting the sticks of the ice cream into the holes helps develop hand eye coordination
Learning Tools- These little cakes help children to learn to count and develop coordination
Rankin Jordan Puzzle- different shapes engage the mind and help build skills
Clock – is both a puzzle to put together and learning tool
Puzzles – Puzzles need loose fitting parts and handles on pieces to help develop skills