First-Time Login Instructions

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If you were a Guild member on October 5, 2019

Go to the Forgot your password page, provide your email address, and then refer to the newly sent email for instructions on resetting your password. Once your password is set, continue on to “Updating Your User Profile” at the bottom of this page.

If your Guild membership started on or after October 6, 2019

Shortly after joining the Guild, you should receive an email notification from SLWG’s WordPress software, explaining that a new user account has been created for you. The email will contain a link where you are able to set your password.

Simply click the link, provide your new password, and click “Reset Password”. A strong password is recommended, such as one that is 8 characters or more, includes both upper and lower case letters, and numbers, and symbols. Though this is recommended, it is not required.

You will then be redirected to sign in for the first time, using your email or username along with your new password.

Updating Your User Profile

Once signed in, please visit your user profile to ensure that your address and telephone number are correct. You can do this by finding the “User Profile” link under the “Members” menu: