Box Criteria and Sizes for the Toy Program

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The Toy Committee has posted lots of drawings of toys for the Guild to use in support of the toy program but has not provided similar information for the boxes that we have been furnishing to the Adoption agency. As a first step in addressing this, the Toy Committee is offering the following suggestions for Boxes:

  1. Rectangular Boxes for papers should have approximately 9” x 12” inside dimensions and 2” to 3” tall inside. The website shows a variety of box designs that will work well. Keep the box simple. Interior dividers and drawers are not needed. Corner joinery can consist of finger joints, dovetails, sliding dovetails, mitered corners, butt joints, rabbit butt joints, or a locked rabbit joint. Tops can be hinged or lift off type. Latches are optional. Bottoms can be set in dados or flush bottom glued in place. Materials can be softwood, hardwood or a mixture of these. Plywood makes for a good bottom piece since it moves less and the edges are hidden. Finishes and a felt liner on the bottom are optional. Hinges and latches are available at Rockler, Woodcraft, Home Depot, Lowes, and the Internet.
  2. Boxes for jewelry and personal items can be of a couple of types.
    1. A simple one is similar to example #12 from the above link. It can be a 2×4 bottom with a 2” to 3” hole drilled most of the way through with a forstner bit. The size is typically 3.5”x 3.5” x 1.5” plus the height of the top . The top is made from approximately 3/8” thick material and pivots to open. It is held in place with a toy axle peg (available from the Toy Committee). The peg can be flush with the top as shown in example #12 or it can be proud of the top. Alternatively, a screw can be used in lieu of a peg. These boxes are simple to make and do not require the purchase of hardware. Materials can be softwood, hardwood or a mixture of these. Finishes can be “none”, shellac, polyurethane, oil or wax. A felt liner on the bottom is optional.
    2. Another type is similar to the 9” x 12” box described above for papers. But for jewelry the sizes will range from 3” x 4” x 2” high to 6” x 8” x 5” high. Joints, materials, etc. would be the same as described above.

The box described in 2a has been the one most contributed to date and has been popular with the children.

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