Surplus SLWG Tools Auction

Dedicated to the art of woodworking since 1984.

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The guild has a surplus of tools at the Faust Park shop! These tools will be auctioned off to guild members in a private, silent auction-style event. Look for new posts to this blog and listen for announcements at the monthly meetings when new tools will be listed for sale.

Detailed instructions will be provided with each announcement, but sales will generally follow the rules below:

  • To submit a bid, email your bid to or mail your bid to our PO box. DO NOT copy (CC) any other email address.
  • All bids will be opened “publicly” at the executive board meeting and not before – this ensures fairness to all bidders without prolonging normal monthly meetings.
  • The winning bid will submit a check or PayPal to the treasurer.
  • Tools can be picked up at the next monthly meeting.

Happy bidding!

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