Toy Pattern: Bandsaw Puzzle

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This toy pattern includes a multi-page PDF. Please be sure to download and print the attached toy pattern at the bottom of this page along with these instructions.


  • Band Saw with 1/2″ blade
  • Sanders – Disc or belt sanders
  • Sand paper


  • 1-1/4″ walnut and maple lumber


  1. To produce a quality puzzle, take care to measure carefully and cut out the parts accurately. The pieces must fit together snugly to form the interlocking shape.
  2. Layout parts 1 thru 8 as indicated on the plans.
  3. Cut parts on a bandsaw with a 1/2″ blade.
  4. Glue parts together where indicated on the plans. Clamp the parts together until the glue is set.
  5. Sand parts with power tools to get to the final dimensions and hand sand with a sanding block to achieve the desired smoothness. Break all sharp edges with 150 grit sandpaper, but do not round over edges.
  6. Tape the puzzle parts together and sand off a 1/2″ triangle at each corner with a belt or disc sander. Finish these triangles with a sanding block to the same smoothness as the primary surfaces.
  7. Un-tape the pieces and vacuum the parts and wipe with mineral spirits.
  8. Finish with polyurethane per the instructions on the plans.
  9. Provide a copy of the puzzle solution with each puzzle.

Download pattern here.

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