Toy Pattern: Butterfly

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  • Band Saw or Scroll saw
  • Sanders – Rotary and band
  • Drill Press
  • Sand paper or emery boards


  • 1/8″ plywood or masonite.
  • Craft Clothes Pins from SLWG Toy Committee or a Craft store


  1. Make pattern from print of Butterfly by gluing to a piece of cardboard. Cut pattern to shape. Draw shape on masonite or plywood surface. (note: cutting is easier if you laminate 4 to 6 pieces using double faced tape).
  2. Saw Butterfly wings from 1/8″ material and sand edges smooth to clean up rough or sharp edges.
  3. Alter clothes pin to make body by sanding the bottom ¾” to a cone shape.
  4. Dry assemble body and wing and drill a 1/8″ hole through as shown.
  5. Glue body to center of wings with holes lined up.
  6. Rub your hands over the entire vehicle to make sure there are not sharp edges or points. Remove with sandpaper if any are found.
  7. Insert a 24″ colorful string with knots on both ends so it will not pull out.

Download pattern here.

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