October 2021 Newsletter

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Next Meeting:


October 21st

Meeting Start
7:00 PM




Meeting Location:

Moolah Shrine Center
Oasis Room
12545 Fee Fee Road
St. Louis, MO  63146


YouTube LiveStream Link HERE for online starting at 7:00 PM

Link to Directions to Moolah Shrine Center

Face Coverings Required

The SLWG leadership requests that in-person attendees at the October SLWG Meeting comply with the Order issued by the Saint Louis County Department of Public Health which requires face coverings for generally all attendees at this meeting.  Please click HERE for the link to more detailed information concerning this directive.

President’s Letter — October 2021

It seems like the weather is finally turning cooler — well, sort of.  As such, I’m guessing more of us will be moving indoors and working on more woodworking projects or our inside “To Do” lists.  I know I will be, but one specific project won’t be on my list any longer….my bathroom.  I’m just tickled to death that I finally found a contractor to renovate my master bath before the end of the year and he is currently working on the

punch list items.  That means, the vanity I built with and under the direction of our program presenter this month, will finally get to be installed.  I won’t have final pictures until after this letter has gone to press, but I promise I’ll share them next month.

Don Turner, our very own member and Owner of Turner Handcrafted Furniture will be giving a very timely program on Finishing at our October meeting.  Honestly, I wish we had scheduled him a month sooner because, I didn’t do such a great job on my vanity doors and drawers finish and am in the process of trying to correct my not-so-great job. Regardless, I know I’ll be asking lots of questions.  Don is an excellent furniture and cabinet maker, and a patient teacher.  I encourage you to take his “Build a Cabinet with a Face Frame” class whenever it is offered. See his most recent class completion featured below.

On another note, I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s that time of year we start putting together our slate of candidates for open positions on the Board.  I know for sure we’ll have an open Director position as well as the President position.  I’m looking for a Nominating Team to put together the candidates. You may be wondering if I will be “running” again….fortunately/unfortunately many of the cruises we had planned in 2019 and 2020 were COVID cancelled and should be sailing in 2022.  We have three on the books that will have us away at least half of the next term.  In all fairness to the organization, it’s better to have someone who can be here more.  So, if you’re interested in being on the Board and helping guide the organization, let me or any of the Board members know what position you’re interested in.  Thank you in advance for considering getting more involved.

See you soon,

a.k.a. – 1abWdWrkr

(In-Person and Online Presentation)



Don Turner

Link to Online Presentation


Woodworking Joinery


Adam Connors

Basic types, advantages of each, jigs, hand vs machine

See the September Meeting on the SLWG Website HERE.

CALLING ALL MEMBERS – with Websites,

YouTube Videos or Facebook pages that feature their personal woodworking projects or business that is relevant to woodworking…

The St. Louis Woodworkers Guild page has a section where we can post links to a members’ Website, Facebook page or YouTube videos.  If you’d like to be listed, please send your links to our Webmaster,  Brian Ellison at media@swlg.org.

Second Cabinet Building Course Completed

The second cabinet building course was completed on Saturday and Sunday, October 9th and 10th.  We had two Guild Members in attendance, David Meyers and Andrea Lyons.  The build and instruction were provided by Don Turner in his shop.
Each student built a 24″ lower kitchen cabinet at a standard height 34 1/2″ cabinet with mission style doors and a drawer.  The build was focused on the table saw to demonstrate its versatility and use of the miter saw for crosscuts.  All the joinery including finger joints for the drawers and mortise and tenons for the doors were completed on the table saw.  The doors were mission style to demonstrate that doors with stiles and rails can be made using just a table saw.  The same point was made by making drawers with finger joints.

Don and his two students with their finished products.
Andrea working on finger joints for the drawer box.

David and Andrea smoothing out the joints on the face frames.


THANKS to painters Giovanni Speziali, Mark Hatton, Vickie Berry, Steve Metes, Craig Noel, and John Ferreira.  Painters absent from the picture include Hal Donovan and Alan Brown.
Two Grumpy Guys …
Action shot
Another action shot


Editor’s Note:

The St. Louis Woodworkers Guild encourages its Members to share their projects at the in-person Guild meetings.  If you can’t make it to the meeting, please send items you would like to showcase in future SLWG Newsletters to grady.vaughan@gmail.com.


Dan Lender had a lot of shorts left over from projects laying around the shop, so he found a plan for this pull toy rabbit and voila!  Here he introduces FLORA.
And here are Flora’s siblings.

Tom Tierney showed us several boxes that he made using precision calculated angles cut on his table saw.
These smart looking boxes can be used for anything, but Tom had in mind to use them as plate, napkin, and utensil holders.  He made about 10 of them in this run.
Another project Tom has been working on is a cherry vanity.  He used a natural satin polyurethane finish.
Note the neat little double drawer on the upper right side.  Nice useful feature.

Brian Ellison brought in some fun carving projects that he completed recently.
Brian uses only hand tools for his carving.

Randy Lamb sent in this father-and-son project to build this mid century modern record player stand.  

David Zemon writes:
This is the third iteration of a sim racing rig that I’ve built, and by far the best. Equivalent rigs cost around $1,000 retail, which was my motivation.

The three pieces that make up the vertical supports are 2×4’s and I used wood filler with a putty knife to join the seams and cover any imperfections before painting black.
Cables are neatly managed under the pedals and to the undersides of various surfaces. Shellac was used as the finish of choice.
The main rails are made from two pieces of 3/4″ plywood laminated together, resulting in 1 1/2″ thick, 8″ tall main rails.
In order to make as much space for the driver’s knees as possible, the wheel platform is a 3/4″ hickory, and seems to handle the forces quite well.

Grady Vaughan just completed trimming out a small room.

One of my recent projects was to improve the looks of a residential elevator which had plain unfinished red oak panels for the walls and ceiling.
I built rails and stiles for the walls and ceiling using 1/2″ x 3″ red oak, assembled and glued them up in my shop, and test fitted the assemblies before staining.
I needed a fair amount of 1/2″ thick oak, so I was able to put the Faust Park Shop planer to work as my own planer was a bit light duty for this task.
All of the profiles were milled using two router tables, one with a cove bit and the other with a matching radius bit to reduce setup time for the joints.
The panels were stained separately from the rail and stile frames, then the frame assemblies were glued to the panels. I had to get a little creative with the installation clamping.
To reduce finish odor in this small space, Saman water-based stain was applied followed by 3 coats of clear acrylic polyurethane.


We are looking for videos of interest to our Guild Members.  Please send us links to your favorites and we will publish them here.  These can be videos that you upload yourself to our website or see on another site.

Don Snyder sent us this Link on SHOP ACCIDENT STATISTICS AND WOODWORKING SAFETY from the Woodworkers Guild of America with several links to informative safety tips for common woodworking machinery.
Shop Accident Statistics & Woodworking Safety | WWGOA | WoodWorkers Guild of America


 Here is a link to a site that lists safety recall notices for woodworking tools.  LINK


St. Louis Woodworkers Guild contributions to the local community

Christmas Toy Program

Lots of fun with the Christmas Rocker Builds.  Announcements for the next Christmas Toy Build will be emailed to all Guild Members.

Once more the Toy Table is set up at the Guild Meeting to receive completed toys and give out toy parts to toy builders.  Rich Weitzman is the Toy Committee Chair and is available to help toy builders with their questions.

  Toy Committee Update

We Collected 81 toys and delivered 225 toys to Five hospitals in September.

We have toys that when made for the Toys for Tots program that we have collected, they will be added to the number of Toys Built at the Park. 

Rich Weitzman

Toy Committee Chair

2021 Toy Report

Toy Tally

October — 81
YTD — 3,642

October — 225
YTD — 2,290

Since 1994 — 77,502

2021 Toy Program Major Contributors

Over 1000 Club
Bill Meuth – 1055

Over 700 Club
Wayne Humphrey — 741
Rich Sanders — 727

Over 600 Club
Linda Turner — 646

Over 100 Club
Hal Donovan – 147


William Marsek

2021 Target and Challenge

Target for Delivered Items:  6,000


10% Member Participation Target

14 Members

Toy Pattern Library is Growing

Keep checking the website for new patterns throughout the year as well as the schedule for donating seasonal items.  We’ll continue to add new and interesting patterns for all levels of woodcrafters so check back often.
Find patterns at:  https://slwg.org/community-involvement/toy-program/

Organizations that we currently donate toys to include:

Toy Committee

Rich Weitzman, Chair
Paul Bailey
Vickie Berry
Hal Donovan

Dan Lender
Steve Mettes
Bill Schuchat

Please contact us with comments, suggestions or if you need to arrange pickup or delivery of toys. Individual contact info can be found on the Members Only section of the SLWG website.

Desks for Kids Program

One hundred and ten desks have been built and delivered to two non-profits in St. Louis City.

Thank you, to all of the volunteers who have participated in the Desks for Kids Build  Work Days at the Shop. Almost 30 different Members have participated during our 9 Work Days. 

Special thanks to Charles Schrock who helps with the preliminary rough cutting, part labeling and board bundling, and to Bill Mueth for his contribution of 20 desks.

We have 25 more desks to build by the end of the year. An All Member email will be sent to announce the Work Day dates.
Tom Tierney

Bring Me A Book Team News
The Book Box Program is currently in a holding pattern until BringMeABook St. Louis advises that they need more boxes.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements.

Book Box Committee

Tom Tierney: (314) 412-1817
Jack McKay: (314) 435-2232

Charles Schrock: (314) 822-3709

Check out the Events Calendar on the SLWG website HERE.

Woodworking Classes

Held at Faust Park Workshop

Woodworking Classes

Upcoming Classes
See the Schedule on the SLWG Website HERE.

Next few months:
Date                    Teacher                     Subject 
30-Oct  Bill Schuchat                    Adirondak Chair
31-Oct  Bill Schuchat                    Adirondak Chair (day 2)
4-Nov    Wayne Watson               Safety Class
6-Nov    Mike Sistek        Square Up a Board by Hand (Cancelled)
7-Nov    Wayne Watson               Splined miter joints
20-Nov Bill Schuchat                    Girl Scouts Class
2-Dec    Wayne Watson               Safety Class
4-Dec    Brad Bernhard                 Bowl Turning class
5-Dec    Wayne Watson              Biscuit Joinery

Faust Park Workshop Information

  • To participate in the Workshop Safety Class or use the shop, you must have paid the current year Guild dues and have your current membership card with appropriate marking.
  • To use the Guild Workshop during open hours, you must have passed a Workshop Safety Class. 

November Shop Hours
November 9 & 10    10 am – 2 pm
November 13 & 14    9 am – 5 pm
November 16 & 17  10 am – 2 pm
November 20 & 21    9 am – 5 pm
November 27            9 am – 5 pm

Safety Class attendees must register online and bring their current Guild membership card.

Directions to the shop on the SLWG website HERE.

Next Shop Safety Class

       Thursday, November 4th, 6:30 pm
           Faust Park Workshop
           Plan for 3 Hours
         $20 for Current Members

Visit the SLWG website for Safety Class Signup HERE.

The Shop is OPEN!

The Faust Park Shop Rules

Keeping in line with the latest St. Louis Department of Public Health requirements, face coverings are required for all Members using the shop See Link to Public Health Department Order.

Safety glasses will continue to be required as in the past.

Wayne Watson
Shop Manager

Join or Renew your Guild

Membership Today!

Annual Dues Renewals

Remember that letting your membership lapse will result in having to retake the Safety Class ($20) prior to using the Open Shop at Faust Park.


Annual membership renewal is available online (click on button below) with PayPal or any major credit card, or mail a check for the appropriate amount with member’s name in the memo line to 
St. Louis Woodworkers Guild
P.O. Box 411766
St. Louis, MO 63141-9998

Current membership status is required for use of the Faust Park Shop.
Annual Membership Dues:


Basic Membership            $40
Full Shop Membership      $75
A Basic Membership entitles the member to four (4) uses of the Guild Shop during the membership year.  
A Shop Membership entitles the member to unlimited use of the shop during open shop hours.

Member benefits also include:

                      > Discounts at Guild sponsors
                      > Access to Project Workshops 
                      > Access to a local community of woodworkers
                      > Access to the secure portion of the website

See the SLWG Website for signing up!

Click here to pay dues online


Caleb Hopkins
Bill Kampelman
Thomas Kircher
JP McClung
April Pratt
Justin Worland

If you are a current or retired Boeing employee you can now contribute to the St. Louis Woodworker’s guild through the Boeing Gift Match program.  The guild is now an approved charitable organization with the Boeing program.  As an employee participant, your donation of $25.00 USD or more or the equivalent volunteer hours of 25 hours or more will be matched 1:1 by Boeing.  The maximum individual contribution is $6,000.00 or 6,000 volunteer hours.  Your contribution is tax deductible as long as you follow three simple steps:

Step 1:  Eligible Boeing employees or retirees first make a contribution directly to the guild

Step 2:  After making your donation go to Total Access and click on My Community Giving – GIVE – Gift Match on the Boeing Gift Match page.

Step 3:  Register your donation whether it’s monetary or volunteer hours and select The St. Louis Woodworker’s Guild and enter the total amount and the date of the contribution.

It’s that easy, you get a great tax break and it benefits the guild directly.  If you have any questions, please email Vickie Berry at president@slwg.org and if I don’t know the answer, I will try to find it for you.

The St. Louis Woodworker’s Guild is now listed with Amazon Smile.

AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support your favorite woodworker’s guild every time you shop at no cost to you. When you shop at smile.amazon.com, you’ll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as Amazon.com, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to the St. Louis Woodworker’s Guild. 

Simply go to smile.amazon.com and select the St. Louis Woodworker’s Guild as your organization that you want to receive donations from your eligible purchases.  The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases.  You don’t make the donation, Amazon Smile does.  It truly is at no cost to you.  Just make sure you go to smile.amazon.com instead of amazon.com.  If you have any questions on how the program works, just send an email to Vickie Berry at president@slwg.org .

SLWG Officers, Board Members and Committee Leaders

Vickie Berry

Vice President:
Bill Schuchat

Adam Connors

Tom Tierney

Dan Sudkamp (exp. 2022)
Don Turner (exp. 2023)
Jay Noffsinger  (exp. 2024)
Dan Lender  (exp. 2025)

Immediate Past President:
Wayne Humphrey

Marketing & Membership Chair:
David Schindler

Membership Coordinator:
David Schindler

Woodworking Show Coordinator:

Book Box Committee Chair:
Tom Tierney

Outreach Coordinator:

Legal Counsel:
Bill Hobson

Newsletter Editor:
Grady Vaughan

Al Carlson

Toy Committee Chair:
Rich Weitzman

Shop Manager:
Wayne Watson

Assistant Shop Manager:
Dave Gronefeld

Classes and Workshops Coordinator:
Bill Schuchat

Web Master:
David Zemon

Media Coordinator:
Brian Ellis

Our Sponsors

The St. Louis Woodworkers Guild relies heavily on sponsorship to execute on our mission statement of education, community service, and local development. Please support our sponsors. 

(In-store only)

Kohler City Hardwoods
Walrus Oil

Photo Credits
General Shop Photo from Woodworkers Guild of America Website

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