Surplus Tool Sale – February 2020

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The second set of items is up for auction! Get your bids in now and take home some great tools at bargain prices.

NOTICE: There is a change this month! Bids will be submitted to, NOT the treasurer’s email address. Also, bid submission via PO box is no longer an option. All bids must be submitted via email.

Bidding Rules

  • Submit your bid to
  • Bids are due by email, dated February 29, 2020
  • Bidding is open to all current Guild members
  • Bidding format is silent auction, one bid per item
  • Please include your current email address and phone number in your bid.


Payment is due by March 31, 2020.

James Payne will notify members of their winning bids via email. Members can pay using the Guild’s website, in person at the Guild meeting, or by mail to the Guild’s PO box.

Pick Up

Items are located on the grounds of Faust Park. Upon payment, Guild members will make arrangements to pick up their items:



Please direct any and all questions to James at the contact information above.

Items for Sale

Item Number Feb20_008: Inca Slot Mortise Cross Slide Table

Minimum bid: $35

Item Number Feb20_009: Delta Drill Press

Minimum bid: $50

  • Model 14-040

Item Number Feb20_010: Delta Plate Joiner

Minimum bid: $35

  • Model 32-100

Item Number Feb20_011: Delta Bench Top Planer

Minimum bid: $40

  • Model 22-540
  • 12-inch

Item Number Feb20_012: Delta Hollow Chisel Mortiser

Minimum bid: $40

  • Model 14-650
  • Type 2

Item Number Feb20_013: Seco Vertical Bag Dust Collector

Minimum bid: $50

  • UFO-90
  • Includes optional 1 micron bag

Item Number Feb20_014: DustRight Vortex

Minimum bid: $20

6 Responses

  1. Leo Weisman says:

    Is there a way to know the leading bid is mine or not mine?

    • David Zemon says:

      Afraid not. The sale was intentionally designed as a blind auction, with no knowledge of the current highest bidder or highest bid value until the auction is over.
      Good luck!

      • Leo Weisman says:

        It says only one bid per person which I presumed per item. I sent additional emails increasing my bid amount for specific items. Are those higher bids going to be honored?

        • Wayne Humphrey says:

          Yes, the highest bid placed by an individual will be honored.
          Wayne Humphrey

          • Dan Coleman says:

            And the winners are? Are you sending out an email?

          • David Zemon says:

            Hi Dan,

            Only the winners will be notified by email, and I don’t think James made any explicit promises as to when he would send out said notification. But, in any case, if you don’t receive notification by the following month’s meeting (in this case, I’m referring to March’s meeting), it would seem a reasonable assumption that you were outbid.


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