Rockler Cross Lap Jig

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One of our favorite Guild sponsors, Brian Romine with Rockler, shared a number of new and popular products available at his store. One of those is the Rocker Cross Lap Jig.

When you need to cut multiple lap joints with uniform spacing, reach for our Cross Lap Jig. Screw it to your miter gauge and use it with your table saw and a dado stack to cut the half-lap joints for anything with a wooden grid: lattice, wine racks, grilles/mullions for glass doors, and torsion boxes for your workbenches and table tops. The jig’s indexing key is width-adjustable for stock ranging from 1/8” to 3/4” wide. The distance from the indexing key to the blade determines the spacing of your grid, and is easily adjustable with the ergonomic knobs. Simply make your cut, push the key into the kerf you just made, then make the next cut.


  • Machines the interlocking dadoes for cross lap or half-lap joints
  • Great for latticework, wine racks, torsion boxes, shoji screens and more
  • Indexing key for fast, repeatable cuts, and precise spacing in fixed increments
  • Width of indexing key is microadjustable for stock from 1/8” to 3/4” wide (to match width of dado)

Check out this jig along with a great selection of other jigs, hardware kits, and quality lumber at, and don’t forget to show your Guild membership card for a discount!

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