Toy Pattern: Melting Block Packing Puzzle

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Melting block packing puzzle
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This toy pattern includes a multi-page PDF. Please be sure to download and print the attached toy pattern at the bottom of this page along with these instructions.


  • Table saw
  • Sand paper
  • Router and chamfer or rounder-over bit (optional)
  • Finishing oil (optional)


  • 3⁄4” x 3 3⁄4” x 20 1⁄2” board


  1. If needed, thickness plane board to 3⁄4”
  2. Cut a 6 1⁄2” length and laminate it to the right portion of the board (to make it 1 1⁄2” thick)
  3. Cut pieces per included table or guide
  4. Sand and rout a 1/16” chamfer on all edges
  5. Make box with mitered corners and rabbited bottom fitting into groove. Add keys to miters.

Download pattern here.

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