Our Toys Affect Lives in Many Ways

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Debbie, from Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition, recently shared these beautiful words with our guild:

Hi Bill – our kids are loving the boxes for sure! Here’s what one of my colleagues said:
“A young lady named Olivia (18 years old) is using one of the medium sized wooden boxes now. She said it’s been so helpful to keep all of her important things in one place- she’s moved twice since she received it. It’s a gorgeous dark brown box and I know she loves it.”

The toys with movable parts are very well-received – some stay and program staff use them during different sessions with the kids and others are given to the children – so great! I know that our staff that works with parents just getting licensed and having the first children come live with them have also given these families toys to give their “new” children.

All in all – it’s wonderful!!

Please thank all your buddies for creating these toys and boxes with love!


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