How to Submit a New Project Pattern

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In order to provide the best possible experience for our members and the general public, all authors should make every effort to provide project patterns in the most consistent fashion possible. These instructions should help with the process. Patterns will be reviewed by the webmaster for consistency before publishing.

  1. Create the primary content
    1. Click this link to start a new blog post (project patterns are written as “blog posts”)
      [This browser tab with the new blog post will be referred to as Location A.]
    2. Open a second tab or browser window and navigate to an existing project pattern, such as Toy Pattern: Melting Block packing Puzzle.
      [This browser tab with the new blog post will be referred to as Location B.]
    3. From [B], copy from “Tools, Materials, Instructions” down through “Download pattern here.” This will save you from having to format everything that you enter.
    4. Return to the first tab on the “Add New” post [A] and paste what you just copied from the existing post [B]. This will give you the format and some text.
    5. Still in post [A], move your mouse up to the title at the top where it says “Add Title” and type “Toy Pattern: ” (don’t forget the colon) followed by an appropriate pattern name.
    6. Now go down to the “Tools, Materials, and Instructions” paragraphs and edit the text you copied so that it is appropriate for the pattern you are working on.
  2. Set appropriate categories for the post
    1. Move mouse to the column on the right side of the page and select “Document”.
    2. Click on “Categories” and put a check mark in: “Project Plans”.
    3. If your pattern is for a toy, put a check mark in “Toy Pattern” and at least one sub-category as well. For non-toy project plans select an existing sub-category under “Project Plans” or request a new one from the webmaster.
  3. Upload the image or PDF instructions
    1. Scroll down in the right column and find the gray bar that says “Set Featured Image” and click on it. The “Featured Image” page will pop up.
      NOTE: If the “Featured Image” section says “To edit the featured image, you need permission to upload media.” then skip the remainder of this section and proceed to step 4, “Publish the Post”.
    2. Click on the “Upload Files” tab at the top, then click on “Select Files” highlighted area.
    3. Find and select the image or PDF of the pattern you are working on.
    4. Now you are back on the Featured Image page with your indicated pattern “highlighted and checked”.
    5. On the right side of this page is an item called “Copy Link” followed by a web address. Highlight this address and copy it.
    6. IF AND ONLY IF your “Featured Image” is an image and NOT A PDF, then click the “Select” button at the lower right corner. For patterns that are PDFs, simply press the “Escape” / “ESC” key at this time to cancel out of the “Featured Image” selection. The webmaster or media coordinator will extract an appropriate image from the PDF and finish this step for you.
    7. You are no back on the Post [A].
    8. Left click to the of “Download Pattern Here.” A tool bar will appear above where you clicked. Click on the pencil icon in the tool bar and paste the web address that you copied in step 3.5 above. Press the enter / return key on your keyboard to accept the change.
  4. Publish the Post
    1. Click on “Publish” at the top of the right-hand column. The click “Submit for Review” or “Publish” (most users will see the former, but those with elevated permissions will be able to publish without review).
    2. If you were unable to upload your image due to permission restrictions in the previous section, submit any photos, patterns, and other attachments via email to
    3. The webmaster will review your content and let you know if any revisions need to be made. Once it is ready, the webmaster will publish your post.