Small Mitered Box Class

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Date(s) - 2022/09/25
9:00 am - 2:30 pm

Faust Park Shop


Description: Small Mitered Box with Splines, Liner, and Lid

A 5×5 inch mitered box will be made using a miter jig. Techniques for layout and cutting sequence of the sides to maintain corner grain matching will be used. Dadoes for the bottom and inset top will be done on the table saw.  Splines for the corners will be cut from contrasting wood on an easy-to-build spline jig.  A box liner with four compartments will be constructed and fitted. The box will be finished with shellac. 

Instructor: David Windus 

Prerequisites: Shop Safety Class 

Materials and supplies that students are expected to bring to class: none 

Materials that will be provided by the Guild: Wood, miter jig, spline jig, tape, glue, shellac, 0000 steel wool, handout/plan 

Other items Students need to bring to class such as tools:  6 or 12” combination square, metal rule, gloves for finishing, safety glasses and ear noise protection 

Information that the student needs to send to the instructor before class starts: none

Lunch break: yes


This event is fully booked.