Introduction to Hand Planes:

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Date(s) - 2024/08/03
9:00 am - 12:30 pm

Faust Park Shop


Instructor: Mike Stoll

Description: If you are a bit intimidated by the myriad types and uses of hand planes, then this class is for you. Hand planes are one of the most fun and useful woodworking tools. If you are thinking of spending some of your hard-earned money on these tools but are not sure where to start, join hand plane geek Mike Stoll at the Guild Shop in Faust Park to discuss the uses of different types of hand planes and most importantly, take them all for a test drive. Mike will have smoothing, jointer, block, and jack planes as well as joinery planes such as tongue and groove, plow, and rabbet planes. Mike will also have card scrapers and a scraper plane. Enjoy a good discussion on planes and make some shavings.

Prerequisites: SLWG Safety Class

Materials and supplies that students are expected to bring to class: None

Materials that will be provided by the Guild: No materials needed

Other items Students need to bring to class such as tools: N/A



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