Build a Sturdy Bench for $75 of Materials

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Date(s) - 2023/08/05
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Faust Park Shop


Instructor:  Bill Schuchat

Description:  Build a sturdy bench.  Size to meet your needs.  As big as 36″ wide x 96″ long.  24″ x 60″ if your space is limited.  The top will be 1-1/2″ thick and will be glued up to be a singe piece.  The legs will be 2×4 verticals and 3×3-1/2 horizontals and will be connected with mortise & tenon joints.  Two horizontals will tie the legs together and will connect to the legs with 1/2″ dia. bolts.

A vise can be added by bolting/screwing to the underside of the top.  A shelf over the horizontals is an easy add on.

You will be able to complete this project during class.

The featured image shows the end of Bill’s bench.  His bench top is laminated with 2x12s and birch 4/4s on top of the 2x12s.

Prerequisites:   Safety Class

Materials and supplies that students are expected to bring to class:

For a 36×96 top:  three 8 feet 2x12s of construction grade lumber.

For a 24×60 top:  10 lf of 2x12s of construction grade lumber.

For other sizes, contact Bill.  314-406-1823 or

Legs:  two 8 ft  2x4s of construction grade lumber

Horizontals:  two 2x4s that are 6 feet long

One 1/2″ dia.x 4 feet long threaded rod, 8 nuts and 8 washers.

Materials that will be provided by the Guild:  Wood glue

Lunch:  Bring a sack lunch.


Registrations are closed for this event.