Build a Moxon Vise

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Date(s) - 2023/09/30
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Faust Park Shop


Instructor:  Mike Stoll

Description:  Build a Moxon Vise.

Do you squint when you try to cut dovetails because you put your piece in your face vise? Does your back hurt after an afternoon of cutting or paring because you have only a face vise? Does $380 for a snazzy Lee Valley Face Vise give you pause? What if I told you I could help you build a stout vise that sits on top of your bench and is thus, much closer to you so you don’t have to squint when trying to see the lines you are cutting to as well as eliminate back pain because your work will be much higher so you don’t have to stoop over. Also, it costs nothing to build, except some scrap wood.

Come learn to build this cheap but stout and useful vise that has been in use for centuries. All you need is some six or eight quarter stock, preferably something like red oak or even poplar. Pine will work, but hard wood is better. Also, bring one inch dowel stock. You can get one inch oak dowels at Lowes or Home Depot. Look for the straightest grain you can find in your dowel. I have a tap and die which will allow us to tap the holes we make in the vise chops as well as create threads on the oak dowels.

I have been using my moxon vise for several years now and it’s a work horse in my shop. And best of all, it is easy to stow out of the way under my bench when I’m done using it.

Prerequisites:   Safety Class

Materials and supplies that students are expected to bring to class:

    1   One inch hardwood dowel, minimum 3 feet long

    2    One board that is at least 1.5 inches thick, six inches wide, and about 6 feet long .

Materials that will be provided by the Guild:  Tap and Die for cutting wood threads.

Lunch break:  None


This event is fully booked.