Beginner Turning Class

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Date(s) - 2022/10/01
8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Faust Park Shop


Instructor:  Brian Ellison

Coarse description: You will learn the fundamentals of turning wood on a lathe. We will spend the first 60-90 minutes discussing the process with an emphasis on how to cut the blank, techniques in mounting the blank to a lathe, tools and sharpening techniques, how to properly use some of the tools how to complete a final turning, and how to finish it.

Lunch Break:  We will take 30 minutes for lunch so plan to bring some food to eat.

Material that each Attendee should bring: A face shield if you have one.  If you have some tools you would like to use please bring them.

Materials that the Guild will supply:  Wood, saws, sharpening system, and some additional tools.  Our shop has 2 lathes. We will pair off and share time on the lathes. Shop has a good selection of tools to use.

The turner and observer will each have to wear a face shield.

If you have any questions in advance you are welcome to call Brian. 314-651-7699


This event is fully booked.