Introduction to Veneer – Zoom Meeting with Scott Grove

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Date(s) - 2020/06/20
9:30 am - 11:00 am

Digital Meeting - Attend from your phone or computer


This program will be on Zoom and all members are invited to join in; details to follow later in an email to all members.  Watch your inbox!!

The presenter will be Scott Grove. He is an art furniture maker, sculptor, and YouTube personality who selectively teaches and lectures, most notably at the Marc Adams School of woodworking. He has 4 Veneer Tech Challenge Awards and has written 2 books: Advanced Veneering and Alternative Techniques and Edges and Inlays. He has also written for Fine WoodworkingFine HomebuildingPopular Woodworking and other magazines.

At the end of his presentation, Scott will be available to answer questions. You may want to check out Scott’s website to see the kinds of things he has done. It is
You can also look him up on Youtube.


Scott was kind enough to share these two documents as part of the event:

Scott Grove IRD Zoom Instructions

Grove Intro to Veneer IRD Description

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