Build a Butler’s Tray Table or a similar Small Table

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Date(s) - 2022/04/30
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Faust Park Shop


  1. Instructor –  Bill Schuchat
  1. Class description.
    • The class will offer three versions of a Small Table. Each participant will choose the version that they will build.  One is the classic Butler’s Tray table version.  Another is a side table version with fold down leaves and the third is a side table version without any fold downs.
  • The classic Butler’s Tray table version has 7 floating panels in a frame at the center of the top that are assembled with tongue and groove construction. The frame is surrounded by 4 leaves that are attached to the frame with butler’s tray hinges that allow the leaves to lay flat or stand up to allow them to surround the frame like the side of a tray.  Eight (8) hinges are required.  This version is coffee table size and height (approx. 20″ high).
  • The side table version is similar except it is taller (23.5″) and only has 2 leaves. In this version the leaves fold down and are supported by drop leaf hinges with a rule joint and a pivoting wood support. Four (4) hinges are required
  • The side table version without any fold downs is similar except it has a one piece top. No hinges required.
  • The photo in the “featured image” shows versions 1, 2, & 3.
  1. Lunch break.
    • Bring a sandwich
  1. Max class size.
    • 5
  1. Prerequisites
    • Safety Class
    • Experience with mortise and tenon joints will be beneficial.
  1. Materials and supplies that attendees are expected to bring (beyond the class fee).
    • Wood for the project. Approximately 12 BF.
    • Estimate cost for cherry $60
    • Hinges from Amazon approx. $5 each
  1. Materials that will be provided by the Guild
    • Glue
    • Shellac or other finishing materials
    • Cutting List
    • Templates
  1. Other items Students need to bring to class such as tools.
    • Please bring your random orbit sander and 150 & 220 grit paper
  1. Information from the student before class starts
    • Decide which design you want to build and email your selection to Bill. He will send you a drawing and material list so you can purchase materials.



Registrations are closed for this event.