Square Up A Board By Hand

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Date(s) - 2021/11/06
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Faust Park Shop


Instructor:  Mike Sistek

Lunch break:  Yes, 1 hour

Prerequisites:  Guild Safety Class

Materials and supplies that attendees are expected to bring:

5/4 or thicker rough piece of hardwood at least 3 feet long and 6 inches wide. Tool list:

  • 24” Straight Edge
  • 6” Combination Square
  • Marking Gauge
  • Basic Bench Chisel set
  • Cross Cut Panel Saw
  • Rip Cut Panel Saw
  • Dovetail or Tenon Saw
  • Pencils
  • Panel Gauge
  • Scrub Plane (If you do not have one, a loaner will be furnished in class.)
  • #7 or #8 Joiner Plane
  • #4 or #4 ½ Smooth Plane
  • Safety Glasses

Materials that will be provided by the Guild:  2 bd ft of Walnut or Mahogany and ½ bd ft Maple.

Class Description:

This will be a hand tool only class.  During this class we will learn one of the most basic and essential skills in traditional woodworking: how to square, flatten and dimension rough lumber into finished boards.  We will start the class by making a set of winding sticks.  We will then use those sticks along with a variety of tools to prepare a piece of wood into usable stock.  The material to make the winding sticks will be provided, but the material you are going to prepare into finished stock must be brought to the class (see required materials).  There is a tool list for the class and you are encouraged to bring your own tools.  However, if you don’t have a particular tool, please let me know well before the class date as I may have extras that can be made available.


Registrations are closed for this event.