These are some of the book titles that we have in our library.  Our library is constantly growing. Some of the book listings below have links to reviews of the book by one of our members, Mark Gezella.



N. Abram, Mostly Shaker
S. Allen, Wood Finisher's Handbook
S. Allen, Wood Jointer Handbook
T. Baldwin, Birdfeeders, Shelters and Baths
N. Barrett, Book Cases
P. Barstow and A. Waterhouse, French Polish
W. Barton, Chip Carving Patterns
C. Becksvoort, The Shaker Legacy
S. Bingham, The Ultimate Wood Block Book
J. Birchard, Doormaking Patterns & Ideas
R. Blizzard, Garden Woodwork
R. Buckland, Handcrafted Wooden Toys
J. Burke, et al., Weekend Projects for Toymakers
R. Capotosto, Woodworking Wisdom
Chaffin and Engler, Projects for the Router
A. Charron, Desks
G. Chinn, Tools -- A Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia
R. Cliffe, Portable Circular Sawing Machine Techniques
R. Cliffe, Radial Arm Saw Techniques
R. J. Cristoforo, House Building - Do It Yourself
R. Christoforo, Power Tool Woodworking for Everyone
E. Conover, Turning for Furniture
W. Cook & Sons,How To Repair and Restore Furniture
J. DeBottis, Internet Woodworking/Crafting
M. Dresner, The Wood Finishing Book
N. Engler, Using the Scrollsaw
J. Feirer, Cabinet Making and Millwork
B. Flexner, Understanding Wood Finishing
H. Foster, Biscuit Jointers Handbook
C. Frankel, Encyclopedia of Country Furniture
D. Freedman, Box Making Basics
T. Frid, Teaches Woodworking Book 1
F. Gottshall, How to Design & Construct Period Furniture
F. Gottshall, Provincial Furniture Design & Construction
F. Gottshall, Simple Colonial Furniture
A. Guidice, Fine Woodworking Techniques, Books 1 through 9
A. Guidice, Tables
G. Hack, The Handplane Book
R. Haigh, Classic Clocks for Woodworkers
G. & K. Hamilton, Wooden Toys
L. Haun,The Very Efficient Carpenter
C. Haywood, Making Toys in Wood
J. B. Hicks, Making Vintage Aircraft
B. Hoadley, Understanding Wood
J. Hobbs, Veneering Simplified
B. Hylton and F. Matlack, Woodworking with the Router
B. Hylton,Illustrated Cabinetmaking
D. Irvin, Power Tool Maintenance
A. Jackson and David Day, Care and Repair of Furniture
D. James, Celtic Designs
J. Jewitt, Hand Applied Finishes
E. Joyce, Encyclopedia of Furniture Making
F. Karg, Solid Wood Cabinet Construction
L. & L. Keno, Hidden Treasures

R. Kettell, Pine Furniture of Early New England
K. Koch, Architectural Patterns for Woodcarvers
J. Krenov, Cabinet Maker's Notebook
J. Krenov, Fine Art of Cabinet Making
L. Lee, Complete Guide to Sharpening
P. Levine, Making Kitchen Cabinets
C. Marshall,Woodworking Tools and Techniques
R. Massengale, Missouri Woods
K. Mehler, The Table Saw Book, 2nd Edition
J. Miller, Beds
R. Miller,Home Construction Projects With Adhesives and Glue
T. Moser, Moser's Measured Shop Drawings
S. Nagyszalanczy, The Art of Fine Tools
S. Nagyszalanczy, Tools Rare and Ingenious
S. Nagyszalanczy, Woodshop Dust Control
J. Neff, Make Your Woodworking Pay for Itself
A. C. Nye, American Colonial Furniture
R. Parkinson, Wooden Toys and Games
R. Press, Backyard Builder's Book of Outdoor Building Projects
D. Proulx, Building Doors & Drawers
R. Raffan, Turning Projects
R. Ramsey, Pricing Your Work
P. Richardson, M. Applegate, John Royall, et. al., Furniture-Making Projects for the Wood Craftsman
J. Roberts and J. Bocher, Small Intarsia
J. G. Roberts, Scroll Saw Western Patterns
J. Rodd, Repairing & Restoring Antique Furniture
R. Rosendahl, The Router
R. Salaman, Dictionary of Woodworking Tools
V. Salomonsky, Masterpieces of Furniture
L. Schleinig, The Workbench
E. Scott, Working in Wood
C. Self, Woodworker's Source Book
C. Self, Super Simple Birdhouses You Can Build
J. Shea, Making Authentic Shaker Furniture
S. Sherrill, Harvesting Urban Timber
E. Sloane, A Museum of Early American Tools
E. Sloane, Additional Works
P. Spielman, Router Jigs and Techniques
P. Spielman, Router Handbook
P. Spielman, The Art of the Scrollsaw

J. & R. Strombock, Making Timeless Toys in Wood
E. Tangerman, 1001 Designs for Whittling and Woodcarving
Taylor and Babb, Making and Repairing Clock Cases
Z. Taylor, Decorative Wood Inlay
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Wood Handbook
Van Arsdale, How to Design, Build and Install Japanese Screens
A. Vandertie and P. Spiellman, Hobo and Tramp Art Carving
J. Welnack, Basic Woodcarving for Beginners
F. Wilbur, Carving Architectural Detail in Wood
G. Hall, The Art of Intarsia
J. Wilson, et. al., Shaker Oval Boxes
R. Yoder, Cabinetry

Douglas Fir Plywood Association, 52 Fir Plywood Home Storage Plans
Fine Woodworking Magazine, Biennial Design Book
Fine Woodworking, Design Books 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7
Fine Woodworking, Boxes, Carcasses and Drawers
Fine Woodworking, Planes and Chisels
Fine Woodworking, Workshop Specialties
Guild of Master Craftsman, Wooderker's Plans and Projects
Guild of Master Craftsman, Furniture-Making Projects for the Wood Craftsman
Mo. Dep't. of Conservation, Missouri Trees
Mo. Dep't. of Conservation, Missouri Woods
Popular Science, 1987 Woodworking Projects Yearbook
Popular Science, 1989 Woodworking Projects
Sun Designs, Making Timeless Toys in Wood
Time Life Books, Advanced Woodworking
Toy Plans
(8 folders)
Wood Frame Houses
Woodsmith Magazine, American Style Shaker, Mission & Country Projects
Woodsmith Magazine, Bookcases, Shelves & Cabinets
Workbench Magazine, 176 Woodworking Projects
Woodworker's Journal, Country Projects for Woodworkers

Reviewed books not in the Guild Library:
M. Gezella, Making a Traditional Woodworking Bench from Barnwood
M. Gezella, Review of Books on Topics:  Toymaking, Scrollsaw/Fretwork, Carving, Furniture Making, Housebuilding
M. Gezella, Discussion of Wood Toxicity
W. Logan, Oak - The Frame of Civilization
P. Kebabian, American Woodworking Tools
Various Publications, Metal Hand Planes
S. Landis, The Workbench Book

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