The St. Louis Woodworkers' Guild maintains a library of books, magazines, and video tapes of interest to woodworkers. Members can check out items at Guild meetings, and they can be kept for a one month period. There is no charge for this service. Additions to the library are obtained by donations and by purchase.

Please borrow materials you think you may actually get to read, view, etc. in a month and return them the next month. When you select an item, please write your name and date on the attached library card and leave the card in the index case. This is a small, black plastic case with a hinged lid. Also note that all magazines also have a card attached to them as well. Simply record the same information on magazine cards and deposit in the same case when you checkout magazines. Adhering to this policy assures all members an equal opportunity to borrow the many great items we have in our library.

You will find a new book or video review in our monthly newsletter. Please click on the buttons below to see a listing of some of our titles in the library as well as additional reviews of selected titles.




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