Toy Program

A number of Guild members volunteer to participate in this community service program by making a variety of wooden toys that are distributed to children in local area hospitals. Approximately 2000 toys are donated each year, with over 50,000 toys distributed since the inception of the program in 1994.

Typical toys include cars made from 2-by-4 lumber, holiday symbols such as Valentines Day hearts and St. Patrick's Day shamrocks, and simple cutouts such as rabbits, dinosaurs, and flowers. Toys are left unfinished for children to complete and paint. Patterns and supplies are provided to Guild members making toys. Guild members are enthusiastic about this program, and the toys they make are very much appreciated, as may be seen from the thank-you letters received by the Guild.  

Plans for toys, suited for various holidays, can be found by clicking the following button.

60,000 Toys from St. Louis Guild, article in Woodworker's Journal, December 2018

The Guild's efforts were recognized in a newspaper article in the Metro section of the ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH on August 31, 2006

And another aticle on April 15, 2016 - 40,000 Toys for sick St. Louis Children, and counting...

The Guild has partnered with Bring Me A Book St. Louis ( to help them reach their goal of bringing hardback quality books to under-resourced children to read aloud at home and school.  They provide bookcases and books to pre-kindergarten through first grade classrooms. 

 The organization also provides books for the children to take home and keep.  The Guild is building small bookcases for the children to store those books in. Building and finishing about thirty boxes at a time allows every child in a classroom to get a bookcase at the same time. 


Shop Work Day BringMeABookStL - Saturday, July 21, 2018


Cut and router plywood and assemble pieces into kits.


·         Cut 1’ x 8’ pieces of ½” and 5/8” plywood into book box parts.

·         Use a jigsaw to cut handle holes in the 5/8” pieces.

·         Use a pattern bit and fixture on the router table to mill handles to finished dimension

·         Use the stacked dado head on the table saw to mill rabbets into the side and bottom pieces

·         Assemble parts into kits of two boxes per kit and wrap

Time Commitment:

Two hours


Day, Date and Times:


·         Saturday,

·         July 21, 2018,

·         First Shift: 8:30 – 10:30

·         Second Shift: 10:30 – 12:30


Please contact Tom Tierney to sign up or if you have any questions. Your time to help on the BMABStL book box project will be very much appreciated.

Call or text: (314) 412–1817


NOTE: A work day will be scheduled in August to assemble the kits into the book boxes.

Faust Park

The Guild enjoys a unique relationship with Faust Park. Through the generosity of the park, the Guild has been provided building space in the park and has established a workshop which contains a large number of woodworking machines that have been purchased by, or donated to, the Guild.

Several of our members volunteer their time to the Park to help maintain the period structures and antique equipment and tools on display in the historic village. The Guild as a group has participated in several projects to assist the park and is looking additional projects in the future.

In addition, we are exploring ways to best utilize the Guild's workshop at the park for the benefit of members just starting out who have not acquired a full selection of tools yet.

St. Louis Museum of Transporation

Several members of the Guild perform volunteer work at the St. Louis Museum of Transporation. They primarily perform wood restoration on a variety of unique, vintage railroad cars and equipment that are displayed there.

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