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New Policy - Open Shop Hours in the Guild's Faust Park workshop.  NO reservation required. NO payment required!    1st & 2nd weekend (Saturday and Sunday) each month 9:00 - 5:00pm.  NEW = the shop will open from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays of the first and second full weeks of each month.  Guild membership must be current. Must have completed safety class. Must have signed a liability waiver.

NEW = the shop will open from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays of the first and second full weeks of each month.


Focused Woodworking Groups - List of groups and members can be found  on the Private Site:  click on Members, Private Site. Log in. Scroll to the bottom of page.  See STLWW Focused Groups for instructions and group members.

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• April 20: Monthly Meeting: Mechanical Puzzles with Joe Turner

• April 22-23: Woodworking seminar with Jim Heavey  Jim Heavey

You have probably seen Jim Heavey at the woodworking show.  I'm sure we will learn something from him during this 2 day seminar.     More details to come.

Jim Heavey is a master woodworker and a veteran speaker for the Woodworking Shows and the Senior Editor of Wood Magazine.   Jim will discuss a variety of woodworking topics that include machine setup and maintenance, mastering the router, how to "embellish" a project, and an in-depth look at finishing.

Each day breakfast and lunch will be provided. The SLWG is one of the few guilds that Jim is going to speak to in 2017. The event is capped at 35 participants. There is a $95 fee for Guild participants. After February, non-Guild Members can sign up to participate for $125. 

• April 29 & May 20: Mini-Workshop: Building a Chair/Ladder with Keith Lissant

• May 18: Monthly Meeting: Building and Using an Infill Plane with Robbie Field

• June 15: Monthly Meeting: Using Hand Tools in the Shop with Ethan Sincox

• July 20: Monthly Meeting: Dust Control in the Wood Shop with Wayne Humphrey

• Aug 17: Monthly Meeting: Forestry and Salvaged Wood Design in Brazil with Joao Paulo

• Sept 21: Monthly Meeting: Skill America 20 Build with Kilburn Adams and William Dulin

• Oct 19: Monthly Meeting: Making Post-and-Rung Chairs using Green Woodworking with Grant Black

• TBD:  Mini-Workshop: Making a Mahogan Jewelry Box with Wayne Watson

• TBD:  Mini-Workshop: Compound Miters Class with Don Snyder at Faust Park Shop. 9-5

• TBD: Mini-Workshop: Shaker Style 6 Drawer Chest with Bob Brinkman.  6 sessions.

• TBD: Shop Tour with Eric Lavell

• TBD: Shop Tour with John Dahl

• TBD: Mini-Workshop: Cabriloe Legs with Wayne Watson & Mike Sistek

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